Sunday, August 11, 2013

that damn scale

I keep walking - and riding the bike with my wife pretty much every day. 
The bike ride is 4 miles - measured by markers on the road - two one way and then two back to the cabin - and then I go walk for one hour by myself approx 7 km. I have stopped taking Dalhouise on these walks - he gets too tired and Noni -- well she walks to slow - so I do it alone. 
I have cut my food consumption down - I do not measure or track now since I began my seasonal job -
( I am a chef) - but I definitely don't eat as much as before and I hit the salad bar hard at lunch times. 
I see the tummy going down now - I see my face is thinner - I have less knee/ leg pain over all - but that scale does not move. 
Well not totally true -- one day it is up and then the next it is down - but balancing out between 210 and 212 pounds regularly. 
I see the difference in the physical body - but the scale does not indicate it - that makes me so mad - frustrated - angry irate -.. 
I see the stronger muscles tone in my legs and that makes me so happy. I like seeing that result of the long hours of standing and the many steps I do while walking - but why oh why wont the scale drop and more of that tummy just go away... 

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