Sunday, August 11, 2013

Other Proof

Find a pair of pants that fit a little snug. Use them to measure your success. That is more true than a scale that does not know if you are building muscle or if you are just holding water on the day you weigh 
That was one of the responses from my last posting.. how true! 
I have been wearing a pair of pants that up till lately I could not button or zip up and now I have wore then constantly when not working. I was going to throw them away or drop into a Goodwill bin but just couldn't bring my self to do so. They some how got mixed in with the clothing that went to the cabin - and wow they fit.. 
Also - my wife has aprons that I can not use as the string is just too short for me to tie in front of my waste -- that is up till a few weeks ago. I have and use the waste apron type that has very long strings and hers is a bib type but I still fold in half to use - Early in the mornings by the door leaving the cabin we have two stacks of aprons - her pile and my pile - often they are mixed up after they are washed and folded and I don't try putting on my apron till after I have walked to the kitchen then it is too late ... so annoying.. well lately it does not matter - I can use her apron and tie it in just under the tummy - a little tight still but nevertheless there is enough string for me to do my bow tie and hold it in place.
So these are more signs that there is progress being made - even though that scale is not indicating it as so,,,,

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