Thursday, August 29, 2013

Vancouver Island road trip reflection #1

28 August 
Reflecting back – So camp was over Friday morning after breakfast. Staff were to work until noon cleaning and I was to prepare lunch. Supper was catered by the local restaurant – Camp Fire Grill for staff party that night. This is good bye to the summer staff who would stay the night and leave in the morning after breakfast. Then I was to cook lunch and supper for ten fall staff who would work the remainder of the day preparing for the fall programs. I wanted to leave just before lunch to catch the 3:10 ferry and to make the cost of the ferries worth it. The plan at first was to go on Sunday morning very early and so I had booked my hotel in Victoria for Sunday night. We had to go to Victoria to pick up an personal item that was sent there. ( A long storey). I had asked my dishwasher if he would be willing to cook and serve lunch – I would prepare everything – and we were only feeding up to 20 people. I made grill cheese sandwiches – he is able to cook these on the grill and salad bar was all prepared too just needed to put out and then away after the meal. The issue was he was no longer an employee – he was finished Friday after lunch.. he agreed to do this – so in the morning I cleaned the kitchen and prepared the meals. All was good – everything coming together nicely – then just before lunch the owner – my boss – came to me and asked me when I planned on leaving.... then he asked me if I would drive him to the ferry.... 
Well I don't mind doing this but – what do you talk about for an hour drive with your boss?? 
and I told him we were leaving in the next 20 minutes or so... He said give him a few moments and he would come with us.. It was a good thing I washed the car inside and out this morning also.... Well we took him to the ferry and arrived with about 15 minutes to spare to board. It was a good drive not as bad as I thought it could be.. once on the ferry he left us to sit in the passenger area and was picked up at the other end – so we were on our own.. 

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