Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Life is not the same - are the good days ending????

Choosing my words carefully -- the new dishwasher is causing me stress. 

When she cleaned - she had water everywhere, then had to clean up the mess she made. 
I placed my hands into the soapy water solution - it was very slimy - she used laundry detergent to clean with. We have Quat for cleaning counters - fridges - well for all kitchen related surfaces.. 
I understand she used the broom to sweep the table tops - Why ?? I have NO idea! 
I had her clean the kitchen one day - she found my glasses - the ear piece is broken on one side - so she through them in the garbage. I have been looking for them for a couple of days now - so I asked her yesterday she said opes they might had fallen on the floor behind the broiler - so I looked there - today I asked her because the other dishwasher said he thinks they might be in the garbage - so I asked - Yes she threw them away.... Why would you do that - even if they were broken why would you do that??? 
- the dishes are being put away dirty 
- the dishes are very wet - I tell her to let them sit for a minute to dry before she takes them from the dishwasher to be put away. So I tell her again.... 
- pot sink - do all the pots - drain the pot sinks - clean out garbage in sinks - spray clean -- she left with dirty water in the sink -- some pots sitting in the drying rack -- not acceptable. 
- fill up the cereals - she spills 
- go in the fridge to get ? - she knocks over the OJ - I have to tell her to get a mop - she does but pushes the excess juice into the kitchen - kind of mops this up - the floor remains sticky for the rest of the day.. 

I could go on - but I won't right now.... 

OK one more twists - I am told tonight that the assistant director has resigned. She will finish this year (October) wow double wow.... 
She is the owners right hand- hand --- she has built the outdoor education part of this camp. 

Interesting - I felt something was wrong at the beginning of this work season - she has taken many more days off and away from camp - this summer she has been away a lot and she had an assistant hired to assist her for the first time -- oh well it will be interesting to see how the future unfolds. 

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