Sunday, July 21, 2013

Days go Bye

Days go bye - heat waves suck the breath from your soul - but still many mouths need to be fed. How do I do it - how does my wife keep on going - how do the dish crew keep slugging? 
I have no answers - I just know that we do. 
Update - the interviews are done - we hired the one older lady - and the second younger girl -well she ended up in the hospital so so is off the list. However the one young lad has decided to stay. 
OK - why ? I do not know all the details but -------- one he has made some friends here 
- with his friend leaving ( his friend was a useless worker to put it nicely) he will not have to do all the extra work so the job will be easier 
- when I talked to him to remind him about job experience and how he was throwing this opportunity away as a reference and reminding him there is only about five weeks left in his contract. 
When he thought about the time being so short -- he was thinking many more weeks and he was homesick - but once he realized the shortness of time remaining of his summer contract and there are days off during this time. 
So he is staying - I am OK with that - he is a good worker. 

I have been waking up early to walk four KM before work these last three mornings 


and there is the bike rides in the evenings after work with my wife 

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