Thursday, July 11, 2013


It has been a couple of days since I have blogged. After the hike up Sigurd Falls I have been busy in the kitchen doing the same old same old, so nothing really exciting to bring to your attention. I have been getting up an hour early to go out the door and just walk 4 km - but not today I am stilled too tired from Tuesday night. On Tuesday we went back to the condo for the evening to use the high speed internet to do something on line and it took over two and half hours to complete. Returned back to the cabin after midnight and was up before 6 AM

Kitchen boys - well one is defiantly proving to be a better worker than the other - it is interesting to observe.
The one lad has managed to get Noni so upset and frustrated tried all her patience. Is the young one that lazy - that clueless -- if it was not for the other lad I don't know what would happen. It is almost a repeat of last years catastrophe with the work abilities of the kitchen staff. I have never been so angered to work with such people as I did last year.
OH well all the staff have a scheduled weekend off this coming weekend. I might be off also! There are 13 - 15 people here until Sunday morning - then they are leaving on a ten day hiking trip . Friday after breakfast the campers leave. I cook lunch for the 30 something staff and then they all leave before supper. So the question is how are the remaining campers and staff getting fed until Sunday morning if I don't cook?
I mentioned to the camp owner - why not plan ahead and have this group of hikers leave the same day as camp closes - every year we have the same issues - who gives a damm that they only have one cook who never gets time off ...
-- he wants me to have it off he says -- - I can prepare some food and place it into my walkin cooler and he will arrange for the staff leaders of the campers going on this hike to come into the kitchen and put in and out of the ovens and serve the meals and go into the walkin coolers etc -- Other people in the kitchen -- open door policy drives me insane..

More ranting -- the owner decided to changed the seating arrangements of the dining room. I understand that he had asked several other non kitchen staff who were there at the same time he was and they all agreed -did he ask me... Did he ask my opinion - NO and I am supposed to be the kitchen manager ... We normally feed tables of 8 - I serve to feed eight people - I plan all my ordering - picture in my head groups of 8 - now he has grouped the tables in three. Some tables have 9 - some have 6 - some 7 he says still 32 people in a grouping so it will not effect my numbers. I am still to serve as before and this grouping of will share the food - if the table of 9 runs out they will get the table of 6 to pass it down to them.
I know from experience - that table of 6 will see all that food on the serving platter and take more to the individual plate and so ... they will eat more - and the table of 9 will be back at my window to get there refills. Just more proof that there is NO respect for the kitchen...
For me to operate best I need to picture things in my head - this is one of the reasons why the tables of eight are important to me..
Oh well nothing I can do - must learn to relax - just cook the food and collect my pay cheque. My passion - my drive - my caring does not seem to matter much so it is a time to change the attitude. Let the chips fall where they will...

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