Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wild wilderness

Went to the beach but the beach was gone.
The kitchen thermometer was reading 36c at the coolest part of the kitchen - so after lunch I decided that I would head down to the beach - let Dalhouise go for a swim in the glacier fed river and I would sit by the shore and pan for gold and maybe read the book I am reading. (A Thousand Mile Walk to the Gulf) by John Muir. Well I get there and there is no beach. Dalhouise gets his swim but I have no dry place to park my self.

So I decided to drive down the road to explore a dirt road. I must come back here again - it was quiet secluded - peaceful. The river is flooding from the melting glaciers high up in the mountians making it too cold for me to swim. However I did go wading up past my knees.... man that water is cold. Not a good place to settle down and pan for gold so I open the back hatch of the vibe and settle down with my nose in the book listening to the flow of the river. Snap - crackle - eerie -- is it a bear ?- is it a cougar?
My senses are alert tingling with a fear of the unknown -
Dalhouise is curled up sleeping on his pillow besides me and I keep scanning the bank of the river and into the forests.
I look up and I see this:
Spotted Sandpiper

There is a question I have heard that goes something like --- does a tree make a sound when it falls in the forest if no one is there to hear it? I do not know about that - but I do know that when branches fell today I certainly heard them. There was a strong breeze and the trees were swaying as if they were trying to shake any dead weight from their limbs. Snap - crackle -crash disturbing my peaceful read.
I looked up at one point and I was sure that four of the trees that were standing tall next to the clearing were marching over to inspect who this intruder was that entered their domain - too much of the Lord of the Rings must still be in my head....

Weird what I imagine when I am off alone in the wild wilderness of the BC woods.

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