Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another twist. 
This morning I chewed out the kitchen crew - the dish-pit and surrounding area was dirty. I have been slack in keeping up standards - I don't want to offend any one - but enough is enough. Dirty is a violation of the health inspectors standards and so I told both lads to follow me as I pointed out things I wanted clean. In the middle of this talk and tour one of the lads began to talk with another staff - I stopped it right away - my kitchen crew person got mad at me - told me I was rude --- NO I am your boss - you are to listen to me and do what I want done. When the owner came to the lodge - I pulled him aside to inform him I had words with my crew as things were so dirty. 
He said he would talk to me after breakfast... 
After breakfast he informs me that last week the boys had given noticed. He has been looking for their replacements. But YES- these boys are still being paid to work and so they must clean. 
Nice I am told this.... 
I am not surprised - but still.... 
Tonight I took part in an interview -

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