Saturday, July 6, 2013

Afternoon Off part One

Friday, July 05, 2013

I was told to take the afternoon OFF - sure don't have to tell me twice.. however - or first - there is going to be 20 to 30 people here for supper and I must prepare something for them to eat. I have left over lasagna - made salad - haystacks and Mexican bread - showed the owner where everything was and how to turn the oven on and off and at what temperature and for how long to reheat it and I left.

Geocaching - Oh it has been so long. First we stop of at Tim Horton's Coffee shop - two French Vanilla coffees - 1 raspberry doughnut - 1 long John and 1 titbit for Dalhouise. We drive to the trail head and off we go in search for a cache. Squamish Estuary - what a beautiful spot. I find my first cache real fast then off to find the second. We stopped to take some pictures at one location and then keep going along the trail. I look at my GPS to see how much further we have to walk and noticed that the arrow is pointing back - we had walked past the cache. I inform my wife - she wants to keep going to see where this trail goes. I know - I have walked it earlier this spring before there were any caches here.. no problem I will find the cache on the return trip. We get to the end . So much beauty - did I say that already?? Well it is!
We walk back and when the GPS tells me to turn - it is right where we did turn at the picture taking spot the first time.. - another easy and quick find. Then I program the GPS to go to the next nearest cache and guess what -- it is at the end of the trail where we just came from.. how foolish.... it did not even occur to me to do this when I was missed the other one - normally I would do this automatically ( change the GPS searching mode) - Noni is willing to walk back - but I know not really - so I tell her I will do it another day.

Then we went to another walk in a garden..........

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