Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happy Face

Afternoon walk of 8 km (4.97) miles - on the way stopped to locate this questionable cache. It has been bothering me for months now, seeing this as a green log and not a happy face on my map. I had attempted this once before but with no luck.But not seriously looking. 
The last time it was found was 09/17/2012. That it self was not really the issue - it is with the comments that people were leaving after finding it. You have to climb a fence and a lot of questions about if we are trespassing on private property and if the property owner knows if it is there or not. People were feeling uneasy and stating that in their logs. 
Well this day on my afternoon break after working eight hours straight - off I went on this stroll with the GPS around my neck. I was determined to get to ground zero. Well the GPS never did read ground zero - but 2 feet is close enough. and by tribulation and Geo senses I located the tree that it must be in - I searched the tree - walked away - came back to it searched again - walked away came back again - ahhhhhhh there it is -- covered in leaves and moss 
Now I am happy - one more happy face on my map. 


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