Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Monday, Monday Life is good for me right now

Monday - Monday. The weekend ended so quick. That has been said by so many so often. 
On arriving back to camp Sunday night - heard the news about one of our camp staff being in the hospital. The one was pursuing one of the kitchen girls at the beginning of the camp season has fallen off a mountain bike and fractured his t4, t5 bones in his back. The good news is he is NOT paralyzed. 
I was talking to the other guy that also lusted after the same girl that the hospital guy had won over and began dating - and he was telling everyone about his fright with a cougar. I understand he was walking back to camp from the beach at dusk - a cougar was following him on the road - then went into the bushes - came out either in front of him or just behind him again a few moments later --- then a car passed by and it disappeared, and staff member quickly arrived back at camp safe and sound. 

Both my dishwashers have returned to work - this is a good thing! 

I get a phoned call from a camp that I had applied at before I started working at this camp I work at now. I have talked to the new director a few years in a row, when he comes to our camp for high ropes training in the spring of each year. This year is the first time he did not return. Each year that he comes he always talks about how our food is better than his camp - tells me of his kitchen woes - asks me how I do things -- we have a smaller camp kitchen - about the same numbers - I think about the same budget - yet I putout so much more food - food made from scratch and a lot less staff. 
Last year on a weekend off I actually went and visited his camp - Well the director did phone me today and asked if I knew of any cooks that needed a job - their cook quit today. Asked me indirectly if I was happy here... There is some tempting thoughts going around in my head -- it is a Christian camp - yes they have issues too but I would be with liked minded people more often - they are on the ocean (what more can I say about that) The area is just as beautiful or more even then where I live now - and I do have friends that live near the camp. If I remember correct the cook they did have did not work 12 - 15 hours days.. had time off to enjoy life outside of camp every day... 
However they did reject me six years ago when I applied - had the interviews and all but did not hire me. This camp did - we have had some struggles - but I am still here - I am free to run the kitchen sort of - yes I do n't feel they appreciate all that Noni and I do at times - but who is to say this other camp would -- once the "honeymoon" period would be over... 
So I think I will stay right where I am for now. It is a good camp - both are for that matter - but I am happy here and things should get better eventually in the issues of time worked per day and week. 

This afternoon I grab my Kindle and reading glasses and told Noni to go to the car with a book and we went to the river. I took her to the place I discovered the day she went away with her friend last month. The river is no longer in flood mode so it was not roaring pass. 
It was a relaxing hour as we sat reading on the chairs with Noni at my side and Dalhouise dog at my feet laying on his pillow. 
Life is indeed good for us right now! 

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