Sunday, July 14, 2013

Making the Most of Friday after Work

Geo - caching Happiness.
I left camp Friday afternoon, visited with a friends from church and found a couple of caches. On arriving at our friends home I left my wife with our friend so they could woman talk as I trumped through the bush. Talk about some unpeace and yet so peaceful. I was in a strange area deep in the mountains - no way to communicate with anyone - no one knew where I had went. (There was a cache very near our friends house, that was the one I was to seek and then return however - I found that so quick - then decided to go onto the next nearest cache about 3000 feet away as the crow flies.) Not only that I left my "go bag" in the car. I have a backpack with some small survival gear and an extra jacket etc. Off I went into the unknown - one of these days I will learn!!

Well I am glad to report that I did not get lost - no Bears - no Cougars and I found the cache I was looking for. OH that lake so appealing - I wanted to go for a swim so bad but time was pressing on and I had to get back to our friends and Noni.

Then it was time to leave our friend we went to Whistler and ate at The Mexican Corner.

Then it was time to stroll around the village

It was a good way to begin my weekend

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