Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dalhouise Falls In

It's a sunny bright slightly warm day so I am thinking to myself that I must get outside and enjoy this gorgeous November day. Dalhouise is antsy in the condo looking at me with those big brown eyes of his convincing me that we must go ...... lets go outside. So into the Vibe we go – drive to the SPCA area , park, I open the door to let Dalhouise, who is all over me trying to get out before I do to enjoy his freedom of off lease run and romp. So many places to smell – so many places to mark as his territory – so many trails and paths to explore.

 I have to laugh – poor Dalhouise – he went down to the pond – walked out on this log projecting out into the water to get a drink – and ker plunk – he falls in head first. 
I watch as he climbs out with great difficulty – the log is so wet, slimy and slippery he is having great difficulty getting out of the water.

 I am just standing there taking some pictures – he is in NO danger – I would be there in a flash to assist if he really needed my help. (I wonder what he is dreaming – as I write this we are now home and he is curled up on his pillow and I hear little whimpers from him.) Well he finally gets out of the water and off that log onto the land

 – looks at me as to blame me for pushing him in –
 and then heads back up the trail away from the water. We walk for a little while up on the main path with the sun beating down on his black fur – he does not seem to be cold – just embarrassed possibly – but there he goes sniffing here and there again as if nothing had happened.

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