Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Discouragements or Blessings

Between the 24th and 26 of October 2009 I asked Noni to marry me in person, we had talked previously about this so it was not just out of the blue.
26th October after church we made first contact with her pastor telling him we want to get married - he tells us he will call us tomorrow or the next day. -- we wait.
28th – I get measured for a tailor made suit from Mr. Hing
29th – we go to the local church to talk to pastor – not there left the city for some event.
30th – went to the central church – met with senior pastor – explained we wanted to get married – quickly – because of immigration – ill father – my limited entry visa. He agrees to talk it over with other church officials – problem one I am not Catholic and problem two I have been divorced.
We are to call him back tomorrow --- we do – he is busy his sectary tells Noni – he will call us later -- we wait
- we go look at wedding dresses – it is my responsibility to choose and pay....
1st November we go back to central church but can not talk to any pastors
2nd - brother Hardno is frustrated along with us and takes us to talk to a Protestant pastor in the city of Bekasi. On the way there we are hit by a motorcyclist carrying a passenger. Ker Boom – the driver flies over his window shield and places a large dent in Noni's front car fender with his head – it is a good thing he was wearing a helmet. He is OK – gets up – the two of them pick up the motorcycle and walk away without saying a word. Noni's brother is shouting at him.
Noni and her brother are doing a lot of talking at this pastors house – I have no clue what is being said.
Eventually we all stand up to leave and I am told we will see you tomorrow – OK – don't know why but Ok.
4th we pick up our wedding rings – I forgot what day we bought and sized them
We went back to Bekasi met with the pastor again and then we all went to this swimming pool and another young man came along too – we were to be baptized. Indonesia has a law about only people of the same religion can be married. Noni is catholic and they were not sure about me - so to make things simple we were to be baptized and become members of the Bethel church.
- After this event we went back into down town Jakarta to the Canadian console so I can get a letter from Canada declaring that I am free to marry under Canadian laws. - leave my passport and divorce papers there and was told to come back Friday to get them back along with the letter.
5th go look at a church building we are to rent for our marriage – it is important for Noni to be married in a church and our pastor has no building – they rent space in a mall, which Noni really does not want to be married at. We like the church building – all is coming together now -- wait for it
6th picked up the letter and documents from the Canadian console – yes I can marry.
We go to Hotel Ciputra – book our reception room – MC – decoration and all ---- Noni gets a phone call. The pastor of the church died – we can not rent the church building for our wedding.
-Noni begins to explain this to me and our hostess – the conclusion is that the hotel rents space to other churches for meetings so why not just hold the ceremony here and the reception.   Done -where do we sign.
Next we have to get the wedding invitations made and printed and distributed – that was another adventure. We go back and forth a few time because of details.. hard to get things printed in English and Indonesian with out little mistakes... Noni wants perfection and so we fix and correct until it is so.
I did not keep good records of the events that took place between the 6th to the 14th – all I know was that we were busy – Noni continued to work and make arrangements for the wedding – pictures – cake – car – bridesmaids – speeches- flowers and so much more.... We had to meet as a family to taste the meal that was going to be served at our reception at one point - first time for me meeting most of the family all at once.
 Noni is a remarkable woman. I am so blessed -

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