Wednesday, November 14, 2012

First Contact

Wedding Anniversary Recall 2009/ 2012
I was living in Gibson BC in a little camper trailer with Dalhouise when the owner of the little mission told me that I should renew my membership to Christian mingles. This is how I had met Paul who offered a place for Dalhouise and I to live after we moved from Ontario. I had not renewed my membership on this site as it was just not working out for me- yes I had talked and dated a couple of woman from there, but I came to the conclusion that I would not find that special some one on this site. Well Paul convinced me to try one more time and why not I was not doing anything anyways, besides I did meet a kind generous Christian man who offered and provided a place to stay while I resettled and continued healing.
Thus comes Noni.. her membership was ending on Christian mingles and providence had it she met me – I gave her my phone number and email – she called me one dark stormy night literally – I had to go out side and stand in the rain to talk with her because reception in my trailer was intermittent and I did not want to be cut off.
For two years we talked by face book – yahoo messenger – emails and by phone, I was weary about dating another person from Christian mingles – but after talking to her for two years – well it was time to go meet in person. I knew enough about her now to convince me that she was a sound christian woman and once we met if there was 'chemistry' between us I would ask her to marry me.
On the 24th October 2009 I was arriving at the Jakarta Indonesian airport. As a first time traveler here I made a couple little mistakes and it took me an hour to get through all the confusing. My return trip ticket was beyond the thirty day limit of a visitor visa and I was trying to pay by credit card the entry fee. (bring cash in the future – American cash at that). Finally I make it pass all the entry booths to be stopped now at the customs – that went much faster.
There she was - how do you greet the woman for the first time whom you have been talking too for so long – do you hug – do you kiss – do you hand shake – what --- their culture is different.. How will she perceive me – will she turn and run away and leave me stranded at the airport – chemistry – will she find me attractive? I think the final out come was I hugged her and later in the car in private we kissed. Indonesian seemly do not kiss in public....
Meeting the family – no anxiety there – she has a sister who is protective as a mother and six brothers -whom I have to meet and explain that we want to get married, and remember no one speaks English fluently. Must not forget also about the extended family of aunts and uncles and of course meeting her ill father. It was not long before all the anxiety left – she has a wonderful – kind – generous family.

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