Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dim Sum in Vancouver

Leaving Squamish around 10am – figuring I will be arriving at the restaurant 11:30ish. I was correct.
Before I left I went into my picture files and printed out on a small scale food that I know I wanted to eat and which I do not know the name there of. This worked great. When the waitress sat me down I showed her the pictures and she checked off the boxes on the menu. The menu is a al a cart – you select what you desire by placing check marks next to the food item. It is a Chinese sea food restaurant and so the menu is in Chinese – but also in English. However if you do not know the name of the food item this doesn’t help that much (Tung Sing Chin Seafood Restaurant 2163 Hastings Street, Vancouver BC)   I know I have blogged about this before – and will do again – I love the food here.
And so today all alone I must stop and eat here again.
Sadness.. I did not realize until I sat down how much I am missing my love. This is the first time here with out her and I really do miss her company. It is not the same to go to our favorite restaurant alone. I ordered eight menu items – I told the waitress I was hungry with a twinkle in my eye: then I explained to her that I was going to take what I did not eat home with me. She had given me a funny look at first – so many things for one person. 

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