Monday, November 26, 2012

Tracks from hell Trail

Another perfect fall day – last spring I was wanting to walk from Perth Road in Garibaldi Highlands to Alice Lake. The first prevention was that there was too much snow still on the ground, then the rains came and then work began and there was just not any time to do it. The biggest hindrance however was FEAR. The distance I thought was to far and I was told that there are many trails and paths that intertwined making it so easy to get lost, and the constant reminder that this is bear country and mountain lion territory. So I tried to put it out of my mind. For a short period I succeeded, but the other day when I hiked the Four Lake Trails at Alice Lake Provincial Park I seen the sign post marker Tracks from Hell trail – I just knew I must hike this. Preparation this time by looking at my trail map – loading my day pack with compass and food and drinks I head out. Fear of meeting a cougar is fresh in my mind – Fear of getting lost is at the back of my mind. I know in the worse case situation I could make my way back to the highway... running through my mind off and on was what would I do if I did meet a cougar – final conclusion was I might not be able to save Dalhouise but I would get a couple of whacks in with my hiking poles and would attempt to stab it.
10:20am Vibe was parked at the end of Perth Rd and I was on the trail – later I noticed a sign naming this Jack Trail – 4 km to Alice Lake
11:45 Arriving at the far end parking lot of Alice Lake Provincial Park - just a few metres from the The Four Lakes Trail which I must hike the 2 km to reach Edith Lake
12:15 – Edith Lake – sat down on its shores to eat a 6 inch steak sub from Subway that I had bought the day before, drank some water and a juice box and ate a granola bar. I gave Dalhouise 1/4 pounder beef burger
It is at Edith Lake that the Tracks from Hell trail begins to complete the 4 km back to Garibaldi Highlands
I do not know how or if one trail just ends and another begins but before I knew it I was on a trail marked Mashiter Trail – which led me back to where I had parked the Vibe.
1:30pm arriving back at my Vibe. As I was walking I saw the road but I was not recognizing the area. At first I thought I was coming out at some other trail head – that I had taken a wrong turn – contemplating turning around because I had just passed a fork in the path a little ways back – but first lets just go look – there might be a sign – ah there it was the Vibe just where I left it.
Yes - there are a few paths and trails I could had taken to get myself lost, but for the most part the main trail is well used and it is kind of obvious that you should stay on it. It was not difficult to walk – I was expecting a lot worse. 10Km well that is far but not. I had no deadlines and I had food and drink and so I was not pressured into racing – leisurely walk enjoying the woods.
Tracks from Hell – I thought this would be some kind of grueling trail and would test my skills and endurance. Thoughts with out facts are so deceiving.  Hell Yes .... the area has been torn up by man – it sure looks like hell – bulldozed – stumps over turned – piles of roots and dirt and mud – just horrid... 


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  1. I remember trying to walk some trails in the Vancouver area that were particularly poorly marked. Looks like it turned out to be a good day after all - always love it when you've got enough supplies that you can make plans on the fly. Quite a bit of devastation though.