Thursday, November 15, 2012


Another sunny day and I decide to take Dalhouise back to the SPCA area for his walk. I was not planning on walking far with him – let him run next to the car – do his business and then back home. I brought my camera with me just in cases something should grab my attention. Something always does and today is no exception -  the clouds were low making for good picture shots of the mountains and river so I head down to the river bank where I become so excited - I see my first eagle of this season then another, and another. I see several large dead salmon resting just below the surface of the water and then I see live ones swimming – they are so large - oh I love BC.
I see this other large bird – at first I though maybe an osprey but after looking in the bird book at home I think my conclusion is that it is a second year immature bald eagle. I see on face book that the eagles are now only starting to arrive – NO kidding - and that the best place to view them is just down the road from my place. Yes indeed I live in one of the best places in the world.


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