Monday, January 14, 2013

A character trait revealed

14th January 221.8lb

There we have it Monday January 14th the official weigh in day – this was a much harder week to loose weight in. I even went to Tim Horton's for a Boston Cream doughnut. 
Lots of walking every day and even off to the rec center to go swimming twice.
Reflecting -- when I was laying in my hospital bed at KGH after my head on car collision I would daily make a record of the healing progress. No way would I slip back. I remember a doctor saying something about fluid intake saying he would put me back on intravenous if I did not drink more – No way - once I was off something – that was it – I was not going back on – including morphine or any other drugs they were telling me to take. Pushing the body even though it was quite helpless and would be so for nine months but nevertheless – I would stretch the limits. One example – after many months when I had graduated from the wheelchair to crutches – I hired a neighbor to rototiller my garden – then I was out in the soil – using my crutch to make a hole in the soil – drop the seed from my upright position – cover the seed with the crutch. Or in another garden bed – I sat down on a plastic lawn chair and planted in a circle all around the chair – moved the chair and repeat – the things I did.
I would hobble into the doctor consulting rooms that I was sent to by my insurance company– they would look at me – look at the paper work they had in front of them and then back at me and more than once I was told that they were expecting me to arrive in a much worse condition – I was healing in leaps and bounds. This is all to the glory of Christ the healer and the fact I set my mind to refuse to take any backward steps. Pressing onward to the goal set before me.
What has this got to do with my diet? Everything. I find myself every day recording the scale – once I have lost some pounds I push – I drive the body to make sure it stays off and more loss is forthcoming.
To have a holding pattern – or even to gain point something is acceptable as the body will retain water – but once the scale has reached a lower whole number – I better not ever see the greater again – that is my motivation – my drive – this reveals my character – my personality.

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