Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Food - Friends - Laughter

 New Year Eve's Party
Friends – Food – Laughter.
So much for a balanced diet. Earlier in the day all was good I only ate one cup of Rice Crispies and one cup of milk. Half of this was on cereal and other half I drank.
Lunch was a banana muffin of 50grams.
Supper was one cup of rice stick noodles cooked and 1/4 cup spaghetti sauce and 1/2 cup of left over turkey breasts.
Thus ends the healthy part of my eating.
Seven pm. Party time – there sitting on the table chocolates, candies, nuts, chicken wings, little pastries of pizza wraps, sausage rolls, potato chips and dip, banana muffins with cream cheese icing, shrimp ring, deviled eggs - bread / cakes  a punch – you know all the tasty yummy things that are not good for you.
Did I over indulge – you bet your life I did. 

December 31 -- Morning weigh in 229.0 lb  

Now for the party it self we talked – we laughed – we played a board game and because of a little mistake – I had everyone laughing so hard that it hurt and tears ran down faces. It has been years since I have lost such control. If you haven't played the game Apples to Apples I would strongly recommend it. Back to my slip of the eye – it was my turn to judge (pick) a winner of the round and I totally read the answer wrong.
The Game: two color decks – red and green. Players are dealt seven red cards with a word on it with its definition – and then the green deck has another random word that the judge draws and reads to the other players - All the other players choose from their cards a word that would best fit or match the green card word. There are times when nothing in your hand comes close – but still you pick one of your cards and discard it to a pile on the table. After which the judge picks up everyone’s discarded cards and chooses the one he likes best. Simple but fun – I like simple games.
I can't remember my green card word but the right answer on the red card that I chose was angry hornets – but I read angry hormones and very loudly read it out. Wow it only took moments before my mistake was made known. We were a gathering of Christians you know the church type of a wide age range and so my comment was all the more hilarious. I am not going to live this down.

January 1st - Morning weigh in 230.6 lb
  • well considering what I ate the night before I should be grateful it is not much more.

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