Saturday, January 26, 2013

Reception room and technicians

Yesterday was the doctor visit - today I headed to the hospital to get my lab work done and ex ray of my knee. I wanted to be there bright and early but I slept in. I did wake up at 6 like yesterday - but stayed in bed and went back to sleep till 8. That is a good sleep in since I normally am up at 7 to 7:30.  
I was at the hospital by 8:30 and I had to wait in the reception room half an hour. I brought my ex ray request paper with me and was told I had to phone in an appointment for that - but I could go into their receptionist desk after 9 am to make appointment . The lab technician had a hard time finding a vein - three different attempts - I hate needles. Just before it was my turn a little girl had to go in - she cried and yelled out it was hurting and was crying so loud - I got the same technician - wonderful .....
Next I was taken into the little room told to take off my shirt and lie down on the table for my electrocardiogram
 (e-lek-tro-KAR-de-o-gram), also called an EKG or ECG.
I went to the ex ray department and low and behold they were able to do my ex ray right then - so done. I am always amazed when I see the ex ray picture of my knee – I have screws in all different angles holding it in place and then there is the medal rod next to my femur bone – a occurrence I hope I never have to experience again.
I came home and ate my breakfast – noticeably I was not shaking or extremely hungry. I have been fasting since last night – now over 14 hours and like I said my hands were not shaking like they normally do when I skip meals. This is a good sign I would think! I have lost 13 pounds so far on my journey – and more healthy – this might be having some results in regulating my shaking....
Dalhouise wanted his walk so out the door we go about two miles.
After we eat lunch Noni and I go for a walk together leaving Dalhouise home. He really has a hard time with long walks. We head to Wall mart – go to do a walk around – then we head to the Tim Horton's. We do not stop there – no temptations even though I think I would like a coffee and doughnut – but we keep walking. We walk to the swimming pool then to home. This all took 142 minutes from the time we left the condo to our return.

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