Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rabbit Food

Salads! I am not a rabbit. I know... I have to eat more fruit and vegetables but lets just face it - eating a salad might fill me up for 20 minutes or so - then comes the hunger pains and cravings - the need to munch.
This morning when I woke up - I remained lying in bed for 10 -15 minutes and I was thinking - I am not that hungry - but when I went to bed my stomach was saying feed me feed me. We eat supper around 5 pm and because I was getting hungry last night I went to bed at 9:30. I am one of those lucky ones - as soon as my head touches the pillow I am out - gone - see you in the middle of the night for the bathroom break and then just as fast out again till morning. So instead of giving in to my stomach screams I went to bed so I wouldn't eat - which had me questioning this morning of why was I not starving.
I don't know - go to bed extremely hungry and wake up just slightly hungry.
I wonder if I have started to sleep walk and managed to find the fridge???
Or it might be the night demons feeding me so that I can not reach my goals - naa-- there must be another reason.

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