Friday, January 25, 2013


This was a tough day. First I had to wake up at 6 am to pick up my mother and driver her to the hospital for lab testing. Have you ever sat in the waiting room before the staff have arrived to begin their day? We were permitted inside to wait - dim lights and not much happening and silence. As time goes on - the lights became brighter - more cars arrived and dropped off people who just seem to disappear - then the noise increases as workers begin to push carts and equipment here and there. My night sleep was not sound as I was anxious that I would sleep in and miss my wake up alarm thus making my mother upset. So I began the day tired.
Cold my body has been cold all morning - right up till the time I went into the hot tub at the local pool at noon.
Sore - muscle ache - I must had over done it yesterday - my whole body is screaming sore - stiffness - tired - take it easy.
Then today is the day - I must go see my family doctor - haven't seen him in two years. He asked me why I now had chosen to see him - what is wrong with me? - Oh nothing I replied. I just have started a diet and so I thought it would be a good idea to meet with you and discuss it. I also want to have a comparison with my last blood test - cholesterol - knee ex-ray and another heart monitor done. So checking my blood pressure all is good there - poking me and there - no problems - looking into my ears and eyes  all seem normal. So next I will have to go to the hospital labs myself and finish off all the other tests that are needed.
Leaving the doctors office - the sun is out - it is hot 10c - so in spite of my body soreness I walk the long loop around Nexen Beach - over two miles at the fastest steps I can muster. This is a perfect way to remove any stress from the physical that I so dreaded.

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