Thursday, January 31, 2013

Flippers and Steps

Rainy day but still I need to get those 10,000 steps in and Dalhouise needs to go out side. It is at these times it really is hard to be motivated to exercise outside. I woke at 7 am read my morning bible readings then went and spent 15 minutes on the stationary bike, spending this time in prayer as I peddled. Time for breakfast – Noni was still sleeping so I cooked two fried eggs and ate an apple. Now I had no choice – Dalhouise must go out – and so off we go for a 45 minute walk around the block.
Yes I am wet through to my skin and Dalhouise is soaked. Entering the house I grab his towel and give him a vigorous rub down before he can run around the condo rubbing his wet body all over the furniture and carpets. I exchange coats and Noni and I head to the swimming pool. Seventy minutes in the pool doing laps and treading water. Today for the first time we tried to swim with flippers. I haven't done this in years – well before the accident. It took a while, but I worked out system and I spent at least 40 minutes doing laps with the flippers on. My left leg was definitely giving me more issues. This is the leg with the screws in the knee and rod next to the femur bone. I favour the left leg putting more strain on my right – but today in the pool with the flippers it had to pull its own weight. I may have found a good physio exercise to help my left leg to become even more normal. Why was I swimming with flippers in the first place – I have plans to go snorkeling and maybe – just maybe try scuba diving again in the near future. After the accident I had written the possibilities of scuba diving off my list of things I could ever do again – I am beginning to think otherwise now.
After the pool the best way to end this period of exercising is to sit in the hot tub and let the coolness leave the body and soak up the heat into the joints – muscles - - oh it felt so good.
This day is not over I still must go back out side I am only registering 6000 steps on the pedometer and so I must go out again .. this time I will leave both Noni and Dalhouise home and just go unwind in the quietness of my own thoughts. 
Day is over and I have taken 11,519  steps today - I can relax.

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