Friday, February 1, 2013

leg pain

1st Feb.... It has been a good day, I weighed in at 216.4 pounds so this is a total weight lost of 15 pounds since I began this journey on 28 December. This morning Dalhouise woke me up at 6am to go out side. I took him for a walk around the block which gave me 870 steps – not bad for a pre breakfast walk. He had to do serious business two times – When I came back indoors I decided not to go back to bed but did 30 minutes on the stationary bike. Walking Dalhouise later in the morning I decide to go up the Garibaldi Highlands taking the Highlands Way road – straight up a very steep road. Talk about burn. The calves of the legs are just a blaze with tightness – deep – deep breathing as if my lungs gasp for enough oxygen – panting but I keep pushing – keep moving to reach the top as I know it levels off before I descend back down to the valley on another road. Dalhouise is panting but he able to keep up. On the descent I look at him I thought he might fall flat on his nose as now we are going down just as steeply as the going up was. It looks like his body is on a 90 degree angle. As I walk now on my downward path I look around me – OH the views are awesome. Looking over the roof tops I see the snow capped mountains – I love the mountains. I hear the chickadee's chirping and singing – oh what a beautiful day. I arrive back in the condo exactly one hour from the time of my leaving – I thought it would had been longer. Looking at the pedometer it now only read about 7000 steps – once again I thought it should be more – but as I think about it now – No – not really I didn't walk that far it only felt like it because of the incline and steepness of my route.
After lunch Noni wanted to walk this – so leaving Dalhouise home Noni and I do it together. Once again it took an hour – we went a little less than I did with Dalhouise earlier. With the earlier morning walk I added an extra block in to get steps in, but now we took the shorter route to the condo.
My Pedometer is now reading 13976 – steps and it is only 3 in the afternoon. I will still have to walk Dalhouise again after supper and before bed.
Day end is 16,153  steps

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