Friday, February 22, 2013

Cleaver Dog

What a smart dog I have! I have a very wet dog - actually I am very wet also. I went out geocaching again this afternoon where I was snowed upon - hailed upon - rained upon. It is raining cat and dogs and cold. Earlier in the day I went to visit my mother - stopped to do a couple of chores before I ended back home. Still pouring rain - so my wife and I went to Wallmart to buy a birthday card for a birthday dinner party tonight that we were invited too. We were going to go for a little walk - the rain had stopped - but by the time we finished shopping it was pouring once more. I decided to take her home and I would walk the dog in the rain alone. Well I was rained upon - snowed upon and hailed upon. The dog wanted to go home. We were hiking/ walking around a small lake and I was determined to get my steps in - after all tonight's dinner party is going to be a mega overload of calories. As I write this the pedometer reads 9584 steps - so by the days end I will be over the required 10,000 steps.
What a clever dog I have. Dalhouise waited patiently as I looked under this rock climb over this fallen log and over another rock. He is looking so wet - soaked - he does not look happy - but he waits patiently for me to say lets go home. I had him runny free while I was searching - but now I put him on his lease again. I can't believe it. He is following the path I took to reach the coordinates of the GPS to the cache - even though there is a easier path. He re steps the route we took exactly - under this log - under these branches - across this creek - until I stop him - I see the the alternate quicker route back to the car - I am wet and becoming uncomfortable now so I want to go home. But I am amazed that he was taking the zig zag path which we took to reach the spot we where at now. I never imagined he had this intelligence...

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