Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dark Morning

Early in the morning - too early I could not sleep - I am stressed - the scale is reading so high. It it dark. I sit on the couch trying to make a decision of what to do. It is dark - it is raining do I really want to go out side. If I do what is the safest route to take. I get dressed still undecided - but going through the motions I find my self with my boots and coat on and heading out the door. I decided to take the long route past the pool - the doughnut shop - and back the far side of the condo. I cross the highway to walk on the sidewalk along side the forest and gulf course. My thoughts wander thinking about what is lurking in the bush. I am walking in cougar territory - the bears are still hibernating, I hope. Dalhouise is home sleeping - I knew this walk would be far and faster and I didn't want to stress him out. I can barely see a few feet in front of me - it is dark - the sidewalk is black pavement - the rain is poring down and I have my hood up over my head. At times the path parallels the highway a little close and the car lights play havoc on my night vision. I keep placing one foot in front of another and slowly the day brightens and the rains slows to a steady drizzle.
There is no pink sky to announce the morning just greyness -- but as I reach the condo again I am happy - it was a good walk. 

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