Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Green - green - green

I discovered a new trail today that I did not know existed - actually I think it is a popular mountain biking trail - nevertheless - I enjoyed my self immensely just to walk it, having it remind me of being on the west coast of Vancouver island in the rain forests. It was so green - the air fresh

So first thing in the morning Dalhouise and I headed out the door. First things first I should had checked the GPS to make sure I had the cache even loaded in it. Secondly I should had put my reading glasses on because I was going to a different cache than I thought. I walked almost a mile from the condo before I even hit the trail that led to the cache and then another mile to the cache. As I was walking I realized I was going further than what I read on the map from the computer, I put my glasses on and read the name of the cache I was seeking - it was so similar - I was walking to a the furthest away one - oh well - since I was close to this now I would keep going and besides the one I wanted is not even loaded into my GPS.

So I had success  after walking forever it seemed - I found my cache and returned home very happy and then later in the afternoon I decided to take my wife out to show her this amazing trail.. together we found the closer cache and then kept on walking to where I was earlier in the morning.

How do I describe the smell of a Vancouver rain forest??
17575 steps on one pedometer and another one says 15572 - which one is correct.. I would say the first one - reading from my apple ipod nano ---

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