Friday, February 8, 2013

Sunrise walk

I had a hard time going out the door this morning. My legs were hurting and I just didn't feel motivated. Nevertheless I went out - could not skip a rainless morning.  
I was not going to try to go up into the highlands - this is causing too much pain in the knees and legs - so I decided to head towards the Squamish Adventure center using this nice paved trail.

 Soon after the swimming pool I found a natural trail and I followed this. So easy to get lost in my thoughts and just enjoy being alive. I am so blessed.

 I started thinking about what a friend said to me yesterday - once I start work in April - I will not have time to go on all these walks - this walking program is not sustainable... Maybe not but for now it is. Once I start work I will make a new plan to ensure I do not gain weight. For now I am soaking up the sun and the scenery 

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