Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Heart Monitor

Well there it was for 24 hours. I wore this monitor. I made sure to give it a work out. I had one about two years ago and did nothing but watched TV and take Dalhouise out for a short walk around the condo. Not this time. Right away there was a 2 mile walk around Nexen Beach, a short drive home them Noni and I walked up the steep side of a mountain road for another 2 miles roughly. Later in the day I parked my self on the stationary bike and peddled for thirty five minutes only to get off this and do the elliptical for four minutes. That is a lot - this machine tires me out so fast - and makes my heart beat so fast. Let the doctor ponder all this. But this is my lifestyle now. So I made sure he was going to see and record how my heart responds. Now I wait for the tests results next month.
When I went into the doctor office I asked for an appointment - I was offered one in two weeks - but I said NO to that - I want next month (March) - this will give me a month between check ups and give me time to loose some weight. When I told the receptionist this she didn't think I would loose - I am sure she has heard it all before.. but I said yes I will have lost some weight - I am loosing on an average two pounds per week. She seemed pleased - not just empty wishes - but I was claiming to be loosing.

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