Thursday, February 7, 2013

Walking to loose weight

I did another early morning walk up into the highlands leaving the condo at 7 am sharp. I walked to a friends home arriving just before 8 am. I walked up to the door - the house is dark - should I or shouldn't I ring the door bell? I know there are two small children living here who should have at least one parent up. I hesitate - then push the door bell. It seems to echo through the house - there is movement. A orange cat comes to the door and puts his paw against the window and I play with it for a few moments with the glass separating us. So besides the two small children there is four adults living in this house - I guess they are all in bed or gone so I turn around and head home. I am having lots of pain in my left knee - it has been getting worse these last three days as I climb and descend this route. I think I must stop going up into the Highlands everyday - thanks to the car accident injury. That is OK - there are so many flatter/ level areas to walk that are just breath taking. 
 I arrive back in the condo quite hungry at 9 so I asked Noni to make us some porridge with berries for breakfast. Then sat in front of the computer and TV until 1 pm - then Noni and Dalhouise and I drive over to Nexen beach and take a stroll around the ocean side enjoying the sun soaking in that vitamin D. 

Just over an hour later we finished this and now once again I am parked in front of the TV and computer. 

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