Sunday, February 17, 2013

Geo - Bug

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wet - soggy - determined. Once again I was up before my wife and out the door. What makes me so? Why can't I just let it be - stay in bed where it is warm - dry - cozy. No my mind is thinking about three geocaches I must find. Like one of my Spark friends told me -- Geocaching definitely actuates my primal thrill of the hunt gene.
Two of the caches are located along the HWY 99 on the way to Whistler on view points pull outs. On a clear day the view/ scenery is amazing, but all I seen this morning was grey clouds covering all the mountains. I was here just this past November and took many pictures so I am not disturbed by the lack of views - my mission is to find those hidden caches. Success!
Nov 2012

Pot break - I had just parked the car when a truck with a older man and two young lads stopped and stood out side their vehicle and lit up. Smoking - well it sure stunk - made me gag even though I was keeping my distance. They finished and left and I went on to find my cache - didn't want to search with them standing there.

Second one was cited as easy - well I guess it was - but it sure was not where I expected to find it - was a little stroll away from the main attraction along a foot path heading south next to the HWY. Good for privacy but I could not help but think that people seeing you come out of here or go into the woods will think you went in there to relieve yourself :)

On my way back into Squamish there was one more catch I wanted to track down. I thought I had an idea where to begin my search - I was a little off - but close enough. My hint said it was near two large trees and it was well camouflage. Well I found the two large trees - but don't they realize there are a lot of large trees in this area..... My GPS was very helpful in keeping me on the straight and narrow and yes it was very well camouflage - but I found it.. All the while it is pouring rain - I am one wet soggy man.
I was so determined to find this cache - it was recorded that it had a travel bug in it. This is an item that a person carries from one cache to another on a journey until it reaches its final destination. It has a tag like a dog tag with a code number on it - you can go one the web and track this number to find out where it began and where it has been. Once you have it - you take it to another cache and record your drop on line.
So today I really wanted to find this cache before another person finds it and takes the travel bug - I wanted this privilege for my self. Success - so now I hope later this week or next to take it to Vancouver and drop it in a cache I find there.

this morning view

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