Wednesday, February 20, 2013

You Just Never Know!

I am some times so stumped over the simplest geocaches. For example the other day I searched and searched for more than an hour to find a cache that was rated as very easy - kid friendly. I walked in circles - looked under this log and behind that rock. My GPS told me to go 50 feet south east - I go that direction and then it tells me to head go North west 30 feet. At one point it read you have arrived .. but I was standing in a middle of a small clearing with no rocks or logs within 15 feet of my spot. I stayed here looking for over an hour!
Next day I go out in the morning by myself to look near the Chief - did not have success here either - why can't people give better hints. The only hint I had was it was near a lone tree under a log and bring someone short with you. Well I am standing in a forest - there are many logs ... I searched here also for over an hour.
Gave up - went home to get my wife so we could go for a walk together. The sun was shinning and the temperature was over 12c. We went climbing on the Smoke Bluffs - found two with ease and enjoyed a good time out.
On the way home I drove back to the spot I was at yesterday - I asked Noni to count the steps from the stone blockade - the hint was 30 paces from that point. I carried the GPS. As we walked she stopped - and I went on a little further ahead following the GPS - I was near the spot I circled yesterday - she walked over to a tree kicked a stick and said I found it... What can I say....
I am justified though - I went to one more cache on the way home - I didn't hold much luck in finding it - it was a micro - the smallest one I ever tried to look for -- We both got out of the car I followed the GPS to a very unlikely spot. Noni went back to the car - she said it was not here -- I did not believe the GPS - so I walked around for a few moments - but what the hack - I seen on youtube small hiding places - so I looked on the unlikely item and low and behold I found a very tiny - very tiny cache -- right where the GPS said.
Don't figure - I can't find a easy kid friendly small cache - but I did find a very small difficult micro one.....

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