Saturday, February 2, 2013

Eagles and Food and Shopping and lots of Walking

WOW – what a day. It began with a half a pound loss on the scale. Then after breakfast when I took Dalhouise out for his morning walk and there were several eagles perched in the trees along the trail. A little further along the trail which circles a pond I was able to take a pictures of a pair of Mallard ducks. 
The sun is shining so the three of us, Noni and Dalhouise and I drive to Vancouver to walk along the Sea Wall. I had heard on the news that it was suppose to be hot and sunny in Vancouver – it was not. It was cloudy and cool and foggy. During our walk eventually it did become brighter and the fog disappeared. We started from Prospect Point – we could see the wall down the embankment – but had know idea how to get to it. Eventually we came to a gravel path leading down so we took this assuming it would lead us to the Sea Wall – it was another steep decline which did not lead directly to the Sea Wall. Nevertheless I told Noni we were out walking together and I enjoyed her company – look on the bright side it was not crowded – and the sun was kind of shining and this path was up and down compared to the level path we were seeking – so this one was better for us to make us healthy. This path eventually did joined another path which led down to the Sea Wall. 
We walked this for about twenty minutes before we had to turn back. I had to keep track of time to make sure we could get back to the car before the meter expired. Back in time with about 10 minutes to spare. So our walk was110 minutes.
Before we left I was thinking I would bring an apple with us to snack on – I didn't – I sure wish I had as I was getting very hungry. Instead we just drank water and headed to the Metro Town Mall in Burnaby. I am bad!
We went to the Food Court.. Not sure of everything that was placed on the plate but I do know it does not fit into a healthy lifestyle.
(Look at the picture and judge for your self)

On a good note Noni and I shared this – we only bought one – in the past I would have bought two and not shared. Then we headed to the Asian market and once again indulged in food I ought not.
Grocery shopping both in the Asian market and then to the Supper Store – I over spent – but not really as a lot of the food I bought should last a couple of weeks. Well I hope it will because I went way over my food budget. It may be a good idea to make a menu – I will be eating lots of chicken and fish – fish and chicken and vegetables and fruits too. Did I mention I bought lots of chicken and fish?

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