Sunday, February 3, 2013

Out walking the Dalhouise!

I am sometimes worry about the Dalhouise, he wants to go out for a walk - this is a good thing because it causes me to get my butt off the chair and out the door. In the past the walk were about 40 minutes if I walked the area behind the trailer park homes circling the pond or 20 minutes if I just took him to the park down the street from the condo. However these days walks are longer and longer. Even today when I thought I would take it easy I was out 90 minutes - I would had stayed out more but he was really struggling. I think I need to get a baby carriage for him. There are so many trails and paths to walk in Squamish not to mention the side streets I can explore - and so far the rain has been holding off somewhat giving me a opportunity to get out. Every now and then I get told in person or on face book " I seen you by ..... when you were walking Dalhouise". I don't know about you - but this always makes me happy - I do want to be noticed when I am out and about.

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