Thursday, October 25, 2012


I love watching peoples faces while at airports. Glowing smiles – weariness reflecting from some as they come off a long flight. Children almost bouncing off the ceiling as they anticipate adventure.
Airports – a place of movement either heading off to some exotic place or of people homecoming.
True airports also represent travels withing the home country not so exotic – but the same result – movement. Different smells – different taste filling the body and soul.
Confusion – anxieties – waiting – oh do not for get the waiting – waiting for the arrival – waiting for the departure – waiting for the check in lines to open. Then the time comes for saying good bye – the last hand shake – the last hug – the last kiss – the turning to enter into the restricted areas that man has created for security. 

I took Noni to the airport last night, leaving the Condo 7:30 pm – arrival at the YVR at 10ish.
We ate at the airport.
10:30 the check in lines were open and since we had did all our bookings and ticket printing on line Noni is the first person in line and processed first.
10:45 Noni is walking through the security doors and I am left behind. The empty feeling – sadness is mounting – I miss her already. We had talked and it is best that she returns to Indonesia now to visit with her ill father. If we wait till spring and travel together and something should happen in between she would be so sad and have regrets the rest of her life. Conclusion go now, enjoy time with your family / father, if he is as ill as we think - be there for him – if he is not as ill as suspected enjoy the good times while the times are good. If I return with you now it is costly in more ways than one and Noni would have to split her attention between trying to look after me and her father and so she will always be in conflict. I can stay home where I can watch English TV – go out hiking/ walking with Dalhouise – and basically keep my self entertained. There will be other times to travel together (Lord Willing)

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