Monday, October 15, 2012

Dark Mornings

Opening my eyes to darkness – transferring dream fantasy into factual reality all within seconds as I turn and look at the alarm clock sitting on the curtain less windowsill . I place my bare feet on to the cold hard wood floor and force my body to respond to my willpower to walk over to the alarm clock and turn it off before the sound of its buzzing yanks Noni from her sleep with a minute or two to spare. Not long ago I would be awake and out of bed at least an hour or so before the alarm clock's set time, but these last few weeks as the darkness prevails in the curtain less window; that is not so any more. There are no birds singing to greet the day at early dawn, nor the light of the sun lighting the skies with its cheeriness early in the morning. In fear of over sleeping I set the alarm at night before I collapse onto the bed – hoping I will not need it – but each day my eyes are opening to the darkness later and later and yet the breakfast time remains the same and I must leave the covers and comfort of my cozy blankets to earn a living.

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