Friday, October 19, 2012


Closing day – Final – that is all their is folks ......Camp is finished.
Once again I am up before the alarm – I do not hear the splatter on the roof that I fell asleep too, but it is still very dark. I put on my rubber boots as the field has flooded from all the rain and it is impossible to get to the kitchen without walking in water.
I got permission from the owner yesterday to donate food to the local food bank so I phoned my friend who works there. He came at nine am – I empty the fourth freezer 

– it filled up his vehicle. Noni and I continued to clean and organize the kitchen taking this and that into the dry storage or one of the heated cabins for winter storage – we served lunch then the final shut down of the kitchen began. Cleaning the grease trap – man it was thick with goop considering that not long ago I had cleaned it. Then the switching of the switch to the Off position to the walk in cooler's exhaust and compressor - OFF – next turned off the gas value and out goes all the pilot lights – OFF.
Final switch I hit as I go out the door – lights are Off – That is that I am OFF.
More off is going on – but not a good kind of off. My muffler is dragging on the ground so I had to cut a rubber that was holding it onto the car. Off it fell. I have an appointment for Monday to have a semi seasonal and tire rotation – you know it is that time of year to have the snow tires placed back on the Vibe again and now I must pay for the exhaust system as well. Off - I think the vibe wants to be off too because after we had loaded it up to the brink – I turned the key – click, click, click, click – nothing. I try again and again and I have the same results. Boost – one of the staff brings over the camp vehicle and jump starts the Vibe.
Home – finally we unload the Vibe – the condo now is in a mess now and still it is not the final load – tomorrow I still need to return to the cabin to bring back more personal belongings.
Our final good byes are being said today and tomorrow – but for tonight we ate together for one last time at the Howe Sound Brew Pub – the food is Ok but not the best. It lacks seasoning.

 Some staff left from there to go their separate ways – majority were going after the meal to Vancouver to bowl together  and remain in the city afterwards the rest of the staff are returning back to camp for one last night. Tomorrow the remaining staff will say their final good byes after they pack up their belongings.
Reality has not really sunk in – even though I know the season is finished – even as staff leave and I realize I probably will never see some of them ever again – I can not get this reality to set that it is all over - |Finished.

Yes a piano is being stored in the kitchen.

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