Sunday, October 21, 2012


Birthday Traditions
Happy Birthday to my Love.
I am informed that her mother had always made her yellow rice on her birthday so I woke up early and made yellow rice. 
 Oops I did not use coconut milk not the same but it is yellow. 

 Where is the cake – she wants a cake.. so I drive to the Save on Food's and buy a cake slice and a tart.

While there I see the roasted
chickens and think to my self – it is her birthday so she should not have to cook supper and so I buy one. 

 Later I am told it is also Chinese tradition to eat fried noodle on your birthday representing long life and success, so for our bed time snack we eat long noodles.
Long not cut noodle represents long – long life – don't cut the noodle so life will be long!

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