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Road Trip Banff - Lake Louise

Road Trip Banff / Lake Louise
October 4 - 6th 2012                                 1909 km

Long weekend is upon us and as I talk to different staff about their plans I talk my self into taking a Road Trip. Youth – freedom – fancy free and carefree. I still have it. Wander lust – itching feet whatever you want to call it. Go west young man – well I am just about furthest west one can go besides that I am not exactly young any more. So I head east with the family. Noni and Dalhouise settle down in the Vibe and we hit the road around six pm. Thursday evening after a half day of working.
We do not get very far as I notice the sun set over the Sound – and it is quite attractive so I stop making the most of the opportunity to capture a few shots with the camera. I am having this inner conflict within. I want to go – but I do not want to spend any money – I want to stay home – No I want to be on the road – I want Noni to see Banff and Lake Louise – but it is so far away – the inner conflict rages on but like some kind of addiction I keep driving.
We drive on till 9ish and we stop for the night in Hope. Noni has never stayed in a road side motel so what perfect opportunity to share another typical experience with her. I explain to Noni that if I had the money I would like to own and operate a road side motel like this one. As far back as I can remember I have always had in the back of my mind the thought of being a motel owner – and of course I would have a little restaurant on the side too.
Next morning not so early we make our way to the a little restaurant that was recommended by the motel owner just down the road. No disappointment there – food was good. 

On the road – the inner conflict now has been dissolved and I want to go to Banff whole heartily. All my motivation is directed at getting to my designation. Noni notices a couple of malls that she thinks we should stop at – but I convince her that we should just keep driving. Salmon Arm – I did not realize that this was such a large community. Stopping at the summit on Rogers Pass for a pit stop – be fore warned that the out houses smell – stink beyond words of description.

Canons balls not to fight people but to fight the forces of nature in the months that are to follow. Snow and ice war with man – who is the winner in the end?

I can remember the first time coming to Lake Louise about 30 years ago and wondering why – what is it that cause people to travel the world over to visit this lake? I still have no answer. Yes! the scenery is spectacular but other lakes have amazing scenery also.

 Time is short – must keep driving. Next on the agenda is Banff. Noni asks how many times I have been there? It is too many to account for–lots I reply. Banff is our final destination – not to relive old memories even though being there will bring memories into recall – but to create new memories with the one whom I love. I would like to stay longer – once again the inner conflict arises – but I want to be back home to attend church services on Sunday and also to make sure I am in close proximity to Camp for Monday's work day. Number one point of interest is the Banff Hot Springs... I guess I have traveled hundreds of kilometers to enjoy this experience. 

I think I would like to travel back to Banff this winter by train to take some time and browse the many shops that line the streets.        What is it about Banff that keeps calling me back? Memory recollection – this was the first place I arrived at when I first moved away from my home town 30 years ago. I can remember like it was yesterday getting off the train in the light of the early dawn and seeing the mountains for the first time ever. I remember making my way to the Banff Park Lodge and talking to some person about needing a job – being asked what I do – well I was a cook at KFC...You’re a cook !! Next thing I knew: I was standing in front of a grill being taught how to cook the breakfast menu.
This job lasted for about two months before I was laid off because the tourist season ended abruptly and the next one was delayed as snow had not fallen as of yet. It was during this time that I made the decision to become a chef. During those days I began reading the Lord of the Rings and I would be hiking all over the place. I found a secret natural hot spring that I used as my own private hide away to relax in. But even during this time I had family responsibilities and so I had to earn a living to provide for my new family.
Later in time several of my army friends and I spent a few days in Banff after returning home from a tour of duty in Cypress. It was good to be back in my home country and spending time with friends for one more time before we all went our separate ways. That is another recollection in it self for a future writing.
There has been a few more visits to Banff – some only as a drive through – some as over nights – but all have made a lasting impact to my memories of which some must be kept hidden deep in the soul.
But for this day I have Noni and Dalhouise with me to create and infuse into my soul new memories to be apart of our life. 
To end  this Road Trip -- What a better way than to have an elk walk beside the Vibe and as we drive around the corner to spot this huge elk just laying there to allow us to take it's picture. 
So as I tally up the costs I spent ............
186.18 on Gas
184.65 on Food
244.83 on other .. motels, hot springs, gifts.

Traveled 1909 kilometers in approximately 52 hours

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