Sunday, October 14, 2012

Early Morning thoughts

Waking up to the sounds of the splattering on the sky lights and the new sound of wind roaring and as always the swoosh of cars on the freeway just out side. I make my way to the kitchen filling up the kettle with fresh cold water from the tap and flipping the switch to the on position to make a cup of instant coffee. My bare feet and arms can feel the coolness of the morning air and I am wondering why I did not stay undercover in the bed just a little bit longer snuggled up to Noni. The grey morning light continues to get lighter as I sip my instant coffee and I plan the day 's business.
Dalhouise has left his doggie bed in our bedroom to come and join me on the swivel chair next to my chair to keep me company in this early morning rising.    He is a good loyal companion.
Agenda – Sunday school begins at 9 am – Church 10:30 – 12 Lunch – Afternoon 1 to 5 not sure what we will do as of yet. From 5-6 pm Supper – then the possibility of Growth Group 6:30 -9 and then heading back to camp. Heading back to camp tonight because I must pull from the freezer food for Mondays lunch and supper.
Last Thursday Dalhouise had vomited on the couch (not so good) so on Friday before I left camp I placed the cushion out side and washed it with the garden hose and left it there to dry. I think it is fair to say that it is not drying... Oh the cabin will be so damp – cool – No: cold - as we had turn off all heat when we left to save money on electricity. Ah thinking about going to bed tonight – those covers are going to be chilly in comparison to the warm comforting ones I just vacated a hour ago or so.

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