Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Another morning

Mid week – hump day. Well at least at predawn, there is no splattering of rain drops hitting the tin roof of the cabin this is a good sign. I am awake before the alarm by a hour which is another good sign. True Silence – we are getting close. Tic tock – tic tock – tic tock goes the clock hanging over the sink above the window. And the computer itself has a slight hum that seems loud with the absence of other sounds. What is missing is the squawking of the refrigerator – remember I have mentioned in the past that it sounds like a squawking chicken? Ah I spoke too soon the chicken has woken up. I would say about forty five minutes I have been sitting here and just now the refrigerator has just came on.
Last night before I left the kitchen trailer I emptied and unplugged the third freezer placing all it's contents into the fourth and last remaining freezer that still connected to the power supply. The walk in cooler is looking sparse – the stress and skill to feed the guest well and yet not have much stock remaining is mounting. A grocery run to Squamish will be required before the week has ended.

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