Sunday, April 14, 2013

Don't use Sunwing to travel to fly or use as your travel agents Sungwing is very Bad

Sunwing the worst experience in travel --- Don't use Sunwing

Sunday, April 14, 2013

I am back from my trip to Mexico. Bitter sweet.
Sunwing did everything possible to try to ruin my vacation. In spite of their blunders - unorganized and just plain uselessness I had a good time.
What went wrong.........................
Email I sent to my travel agent......
Hi from Mexico - the hotel is great.
However - Sunwing - I will never deal with this company again - I am very displeased.
1. stress about seating arrangements on the plane.

2. on the plane ear jack did not work - could not listen to the move or music

3. only one meal served where they offered vegi pasta or chicken and rice - half way through they ran out of the chicken choice

4. Noni asked for water two or three times and the steward never came back with it.

5. At the airport coming off the plane what a gong show - all the passengers coming off the plane at once and they only had two people telling everyone where they must meet their "cab" to all our different hotels -- we eventually got to speak to a person and were told to go to # 30 but there was
two # 30 and at first we went to this one where we found out our name was not registered. After going back again to speak to the representative - yes go to number 30 - but it is in the opposite direction

6. next day Sunwing rep came at 12 o clock so that day was wasted waiting for him - we could had done something else - and he was half hour late for appointment.

7. Two of our tours were canceled - OK - but he did nothing to try to offer us another choice.

8. the tour we did go on - excellent - but the tour guide favored the French - spoke English 2 -3 minutes - French about 10 minutes - and repeated this the whole time we were with her other English people were not happy too.

9. we booked another tour with Sunwing - he gave us the wrong time - we missed it

10 - my refund for credit card is not sent in yet - now my credit card is blocked - now I have a credit card problem.

---- 11 we did book another tour for tomorrow with a totally different company using Noni credit - this should not be - but what am I to do....???

12. returning to Canada - almost missed our flight
- once again all the shuttles seemed to arrive at the same time - what a line up
-- we were told to go to this new line that just opened up after we had been in the line for half an hour we head towards the front then was told that we could not be in this line as it was only for the flight going to Montreal and we had to go back to the end of the line.
eventually we get to the ticket agent -we are over weight in luggage
- Noni and I with our two suit cases and two carry on were 6kg over and they wanted to charge us 30 dollars per 1kg = 180 to 200 dollars - no way - I was told to go back and remove things and go to the end of the line again
- well I wore extra clothing - sweat pouring off me -- stuffed my pockets
last weigh in I was 1 kg over - they wanted me to pay - I yelled at them I had no money to do so -- they said then I would miss my flight - last boarding has been called - I yelled at them again the ticket guy then said just go -- we did -- we wander in a strange airport as fast as we could to find our gate - we survived - and went abroad -- SUCH A BAD EXPERIENCE
- 13 I wanted to sit next to my wife - the best they could do I was told was two isle seats
number 19 and 20. Well that is not beside each other is it....

--- once on the plane - there were 3 empty seats right in front of Noni - the stewardess let us go sit together --- looking around the plane there were several more seats open together we could had been given - but they refused because I would not pay 15 dollars per seat to secure our togetherness - (30 dollars x 2 = 60 dollars -)
-- before I moved the guy I sat next too said he had asked for a isle seat and they wanted 40 dollars so he had refused.. SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE

14.. during my long stay in the line up to the ticket agent I heard other people tell of bad things with their Sunwing experiences --
so I am going to do my best to warn people.....

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