Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Not Ready Yet

So much cleaning - one step forward and at the end of the day the kitchen still looks like a disaster. Taps are still broken - drain still broken - ice machine is broken. I personally phoned the Eco lab person to get him to come to check the dish washing machine - make sure all our chemicals are dispersing properly. Our health inspector will check this when they come so I want to be sure all will pass.
Food service equipment repairs company needs to come to look at the ice machine - check my walk in cooler and possibly lubricate the 32qt mixer.
Fire suppression system inspection done today - we passed - but he had concerns about the grease in the exhaust hood - I will need to see what the owner wants done about this - we need a special cleaning company to clean this - but on the good side - he said our kitchen was in good condition compared to others he has inspected.
Our dish washing person started today at noon - got her settled and then she has started cleaning the dish pit - that is another huge cleaning job to be done.

I am feeding about ten people who are here now preparing for the spring staff to arrive on Sunday.
Breakfast I served oatmeal, yogurt, English muffins.
Lunch - cream mushroom soup, tacos (beef)  and cooked talapia, corn chips, toss salad.
Supper - Toss salad, roast chicken, yams, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, cranberry sauce.

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