Saturday, April 28, 2012

16 April 012
So it begins - at 8 am I begin loading the car with boxes - bags - totes. Bike rack is mounted and bikes placed on car. How many times up and down the stairs loading. At 9 am boss phones - talks to Noni - when are we coming to camp - I had said 10 am, Noni says soon. Owner asks Noni where am I - down loading car - wants me to phone back when I come up - I did - all is well.
Meet my new kitchen crew at 10 am - Jordan - get him started cleaning the dish pit - washing all the dishes - and by the end of the day he was setting up tables and cleaning these.
Noni was cleaning the cabin - the male occupant that lived in it over the winter - well he left his mark - in the afternoon Noni made bread and potato salad.
I prepared lunch - 18 grilled cheese sandwiches - toss salad - tomato soup with a side dish of sliced dill pickles and hot banana peppers. Supper I cooked ground beef and made a meat sauce and cooked Spaghetti
Sales rep came in and I spent about 2 hours with him going over the first delivery that happens tomorrow. It is going to be a d oozy - large one. Rest of my time was filled in with cleaning - washing some pots - un loading the car and you know this and that.
Colder today and rain

-- side note kayaks are here at camp already - brought them here on Saturday with a couple more totes and bags

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