Saturday, April 28, 2012

18 April
Began the day early - making a pot of coffee - hot oatmeal - banana pancakes. Had a little tour around the kitchen with Jordan showing him where the cold cuts were - the bread and salad bar fixings. Noni made a toss salad and sliced cucumbers and tomatoes. Pulled the soup out of the fridge and placed into a clean pot. Also gave him instructions for supper and reheating info. Sheppard pie and gravy and toss salad - bread.
9:15 I was in the car driving south and then east to Langley. Following the directions from Sarah - we arrived at the Langley Event Center at 11:05. No traffic issues at all to deal with - both ways clear sailing. Sailing it was too, very heavy - heavy rain.
Food show - I am so stuffed so many samples - so many vendors wanting me to buy their product -- so much process food. They call them selves chefs???? Restaurants buy from Sysco or any other food company - bring it to their own establishment - have their chefs open a package and heat – serve. Give me a break. I am so happy that here at Camp Summit - the owner appreciates the fact we do so much from scratch. I do open cans of tomatoes as my starting point - I do not grow my own tomatoes and process - that is a little too much. But I do assemble - cut - dice- chop- season- mix – cook most of my menu right here on site every day. No package soups - canned soups - frozen soups - fresh on site. Turkey tomorrow and it is a whole bird not a processed lump of turkey meat that gets cooked in a bag. Why go to a food show - always good to know what is up to date in my trade. Noni has a new menu idea that she can make - I now know about some new gluten free products that I might use. My tummy is a little unhappy - all this process food - or too much sampling ...
After we left the Food show - next door is a nursery - Gibbs Nursery - I really like this place - it is warm and inviting and homey. I went last year too and thought the same. Bought Noni a flower - beautiful purple flowers, and I bought two other leafy types - and some cilantro and parsley to plant next to the kitchen door in the planter I have placed there. I will take a picture maybe tomorrow if it is not pouring rain.
Dalhouise was left at home - had asked one of the staff here to let him out at some point during the day. - all is well. Still no TV - even changed the batteries in the remote - does not work. I have talked to the phone company - should have the phoned connected Friday.
Arrived at camp around 4:30 - Jordan has reorganized the kitchen some what - will have to deal with that later...
Supper is all taken care of - staff wanted to eat early 5:15 because they are going into town to watch the hockey game at the local pub - Noni is making samosa for tomorrow supper now - been at it for 2 hours so far. This is the veterinarian option.
I think Dalhouise is angry with me.... right now he is in the bedroom all by himself. He normally sits beside me on the couch. Giving me the cold shoulder he is.
Well that is it for today - will go check on Noni - come back have a shower - go to bed - I really am not feeling so well.

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