Saturday, April 28, 2012

21 April
----ah beep beep beep beep - goes the alarm at 6:30 AM. I was in dream state when this beeping brings me back to reality.  Interesting these last two morning I wake up remembering some of my dreams - dreaming I was at Camp IAWAH.  Can not remember details but it was definitely IAWAH.  Wonder what that means??  I personally do not believe in dream interpretation.
Another marvelous day - sun shinning - Noni and I went for a walk at Anderson Beach. Not sure why they call it a beach - trees , river bed rocks , sand, growing things and creepy crawly things. You really get to see the river move. Even though it is the first time this year going here - I remember last year the river was very near to the road. Today we walked along where it use to flow, and will flow again as the snow melts high up on the mountains.  Seen bones of fish - interesting skeletons were scattered here and there in the sand. The tail gives it away so I know the bones are fish - just think in a few million years these bones will be fossilize and I can say I was there at the beginning.  I hypothesize that eagles had caught salmon and these are the remains.   Dalhouise was enjoying him self immensely running here and there, rolling and rolling and rolling in the sand. Wading into the river but would not go swimming.  I think I have tired him out because he is off in the bedroom by himself sleeping.   Of course we took pictures - lots, but because of the connection at camp - will not share at this time.
I had an email from the camp owner - electrician is to come first thing Monday morning.  And  I still have no TV connection yet either. No radio - only birds for music.
So what did I cook today?
Breakfast - Pancakes.
Lunch - Baked Ham and Scalloped Potatoes. Salad bar -- one more item was added. Soup -- Navy Bean for vegetarians  and the Beef Vegi as a second choice.   Today at lunch all the staff were tied together at their wrists . So as a whole the all went to the salad bar - soup bar - coffee / tea station and had to eat tied together. They had fun.
Supper - Baked spiced Chicken, Baked plain white Rice and Steamed Broccoli. Toss salad and the two soups on the side.  Vegetarians were fed a stuffed green pepper.  The filling was chic pea, cottage cheese, couscous with garlic and onion, cheddar cheese, sunflower seeds on top.  I heard they really liked it.    Noni made two carrot cakes with cream cheese as a topping.
Camp - we have a guest here from a camp that I had applied to work at before Camp Summit. He began the conversation with asking if I had a twin who could come work at his camp. They are looking for another cook - one with passion and skill. As we talked I found out that they had their opportunity and had rejected me. Their loss and Camp Summits gain. He is impressed with the meals and the salad bar.
Well I guess this wraps up today.  As I finish - the birds are chirping so clearly and loudly in the tree just out side the cabin - it is so much better then the zoom of cars and trucks and sirens I hear at the condo.

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