Saturday, April 28, 2012

22 April
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday -- days fly by and it is so difficult to remember which is which.  I go by Day One, Day Two, Day Three, Day Four - Day Nine and repeat. Must some how remember Thursday and Sundays as I must do my Sysco food order. I must know the up coming days menu - must know how many guest will be arriving and going - what products need to be replaced to produce the menu within the next 5 days. I have to keep an on going inventory, so that I do not run out of anything.  Space - always need more space, dry storage is bulging at it seems and the walk in fridge over crowded, and the 4 chest freezers  utilized to maximum capacity.  Well not the freezers yet  - only two of the four are in use. I did plug one more in today to get it ready for tomorrows delivery.
Health inspector is coming Tuesday.  We have been getting ready for this - must say the kitchen area is looking pretty good.  Today bleached 5 of the kitchen serving tables in the dinning room - they look newish after removing the gunge.  Noni was removing dirt and mold from the serving window.
Dry storage  was still in a mess - so I spent an hour  in there organizing, and unpacking containers from last year.  We had things packed and moved to a heated cabin all winter and then last week spring staff loaded the pick up truck and dropped it all over here and then we got a Sysco delivery that was just thrown into the space.  So - can you picture the mess?  Well it is looking much better now. Still a little more to do  but it is ready for tomorrow's delivery.
Hockey night in Camp.  Satellite cable is brought into the dinning tent - 5 pm game starts - owner wants me to serve warm Nacho's as an appetizer at 5 and move supper to 6 pm.  Vancouver is in a do or die situation 3 games to 1.  So I have a red, green peppers chopped, green onions, black olives and cheese on a tray of nacho chips waiting to be heated in the oven. It is 4 pm right now - I am on a break.  It is cold - damp, not very pleasant out side.  Had some rain earlier this morning - a little sun and now just dark and damp. The breeze is cool - cold.
Supper - I am making a Jambalaya  type of pasta -  farmer sausage sliced - chicken diced in a tomato sauce with chopped carrot, celery, onion, garlic. -- Vegetarians same as but with tofu instead of meat.  Garlic bread  and a Caesar Salad.  Noni has made a delicious strawberry square.
Lunch - Pizza and cream of broccoli soup - salad bar
Breakfast - Egg Mac muffin  -- English muffin slice ham, slice cheese, fried egg, shredded cheese on top.
Last night before bed - I found a cable I brought from home - connected the satellite receiver to the TV and there it is.  I now have TV.   Tomorrow is the anticipated day - is the electrician going to show up or not.  The mixer is set in the kitchen just waiting --- calling me - use me, use me.  
7:13 just finished for the day.  I finished organizing the dry storage area - cooked and served supper and the nacho appetizer along with left over cold pizza.  Vancouver at the time I left the kitchen was up 1 to 0.  We have some very excited staff and guest right now.
One of the staff has fixed Noni's bike - pumped up tires - lube - adjusted seat height - so Noni is ready to begin cycling.

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