Saturday, April 28, 2012

27 – 28 April:
Yesterday our guest left after lunch – easy day. Fed the many mouths pancakes and waffles for breakfast. On time and not so rushed of a service. The griddle was cooperating for once. These things tend to be so temperamental, one time everything will stick to it and another time it burns all that is placed on it. But not yesterday it was so good, even temperatures and well greased so that the pancakes became golden brown and flipped off so smoothly. I am still getting the thing ordering down – so I had to change a lunch menu. So I made spaghetti and meat sauce for lunch. This included a special sauce extra with no carrots because there was a carrot allergy - I made the vegetarian sauce. I found out by this person who has the allergy – I use carrots in much of my cooking as a flavor builder. I know I use onions and garlic in almost everything I cook, must not for get celery. These are the 4 main that enables me to provide flavor to the menus I cook. Lunch soup was a turkey, chicken rice.
Afternoon was interesting – Noni was making a cake for Geoff. I was called from the office and asked if we could make a cake because it is his birthday today but they wanted to celebrate it yesterday before all the staff dispersed for the weekend. So I left the kitchen – watched Star Trek came back over to the kitchen – realized Noni's one cake was not going to be large enough so I had to quickly make another.
So at four o'clock staff met together and ate cake – got paid and poof dispersed for the weekend. But it is not a full weekend for all. We have guest arriving Sunday. So all staff get one day off and 1/2 must come back to work earlier. When the guest arrive they will be hungry so it is my responsibility to take away the hunger. But that is not today's problem.
So here it is a Saturday and I am off and as I write this it is NOT Raining...
But it is so cold.
After leaving the camp to go into the town of Squamish I took Mom and Noni out for lunch and then this evening Noni and I ate Sushi at the little place across the street from our condo. Because it is cold and I am so tired – there was no walking or kayaking. Just after we finish eating our lunch while enjoying the last drops of our coffee and tea a friend from church walks into the restaurant. We enjoyed a good conversation concerning matters of sin and judgement and our own perception of what is sin or not.

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  1. The Marty blog is up and running! Well done sir! Looking forward to reading about your adventures. :)