Saturday, April 28, 2012

17 April
First night sleeping in the cabin since last October – I woke up once: it is a smaller bed and the mattress is not quite the same as the one in the condo, but nevertheless a good night sleep. First time I open my eyes it was still dark - next time it was very bright - quickly grabbing my watch to see the time ( can't find the alarm clock - must been left in the condo ) but no worries it is only 7am. We get up - I have a refreshing shower and listen to Noni read me the bible.
By 7:45 I am in the kitchen and making a pot of coffee. Breakfast is Fried eggs and Bacon, cereal and yogurt.
Between 8 and 8:20 Sysco delivery truck is backing up to the loading dock. Noni takes over cooking the bacon and she makes all the eggs. How many pieces -- cooler 55 ---- dry goods 64 ---- frozen 12 - cost -- not going to tell you. Will say I am kind of tired.
Lunch I made a corn chowder 8quarts - vegi corn soup 3 cups - special corn/ bacon soup 2 cups and for the main we had Chicken burgers. Salad bar was toss, potato salads - and pickles. Lunch we had 15 people eating my food.
Supper - 5oz pork chops grilled (12chops) corn chowder soup - home made  bread - cream style corn and red rice toss salad. I guess this is corn day.
I have made a Sheppard pie for tomorrow's supper. Noni and I will be going to a Sysco food in Langley - no idea how far away this is I am thinking about 2.5 hours from here. So Jordan is going to have to serve lunch and supper. Lunch will be cold cuts on home made bread that is made today and salads - Potato soup which I am finishing up today. And supper will be the Sheppard pie and beef gravy that is now made and only needs to be heated up tomorrow.
No TV - we haven't been able to get it to work yet. No Phone - still waiting for it to be "turned on" from the phone company.
Did I mention my body is sore and tired - right now it is 3:15 in the afternoon, first break since this morning. My legs feel it the most - is it from the accident or because of a 6 month vacation - or is it just the plain fact I am old.
I need a nap - then I will finished off supper and cut the cold cuts for tomorrow on the slicer -- we do not buy pre cut meat we do it ourselves.
Dalhouise is now curled up beside me on the couch - he has been out all day too. Mostly sitting by the kitchen enjoying some sun. He really does not care to mingle with these other dogs - today there is 5 dogs running about

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